Selasa, 26 Oktober 2010


Emo is a type of music that was still allied with the punk. Emo yourself a lot of mention comes from the word emotion, emotional, or emotive.
In addition Story of the Year, other foreign bands that include the category of wing emo Dashboard Confessional, Finch, The Used, Rufio, Thrice, Silverstein, Brand New, Early November, Good Charlotte, Funeral For A Friend, Matchbox Romance, All American reject, Ataris, etc.. Some of the band there who will not mention them as an emo band, they prefer to say they only play punk rock music with a touch of pop.
Emo music is identical with the lyrical poetic, melancholy, meaning within, contains a lot of anger and sadness about death, suicide, abandoned lover, life difficult or about the family that broken home. The lyrics were usually voiced with a loud cry, which describe their grief.
Emo bands use a lot of guitar sounds are complex in their songs, but it is not uncommon that uses only acoustic guitar only. Compared to punk music, emo music is often more soft and slow, or emo music similar to pop-punk music but a bit more complicated. Typical of this genre is a hard cry or growl of the vocalist to get more emotional soul of the song which they bring.

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